FIX in art.
A venue or an idea?


Probably an Idea..

An idea beyond today’s logic. An idea based on dreams. A vision of the few that come true.

The nest of art in all its forms. A different world, calm, creative, with a smile. You won’t know if you look at him, but only if you see him.

You can see it in many ways, through the dance, craft or wellness seminars organized there, through concerts, events, recitals, theater performances, through the books on the shelves of his library, but above all, through the eyes of your soul.

FIX in art is housed in the premises of the old FIX factory at Thessaloniki, Greece. A jewel building. A historical monument fighting time and indifference to tell its story.

Professionals and amateur artists from all over the world!

Fix in Art works as a hub for professional and amateur artists from all over the world and contribute to the unique atmosphere surrounding this place.

Also; It is structured in a way that is designed to involve four broader communities: creative audience, mainstream audience, local artists and international artists. 


years, we have been providing arts, recycling and donations.

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What We Do?


8 April, 18.00

5 October, 17.00

5 December, 18.00