Microhub – Second transnational partnership meeting

On 3rd and 4th November 2022, the MicroHUB consortium had the second in-person transnational project meeting in Valletta, Malta. Hosted by the International Integrity Foundation (leader of our project Result 2 – The Transformative Business Model for creative microbusinesses), the meeting was held at the Valletta Design Cluster. This is a community space for cultural practitioners and creative entrepreneurs, and one of the key stakeholders in Malta for MicroHUB to reach out to and engage with the cultural and creative ecosystem.

Partners from Malta, Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden and Slovakia met in person, whilst Polish and Irish partners joined online, to discuss the progress of the project. Following the completion of Result 1 – The Competence Matrix for Digital Entrepreneurship and business creative thinking for crafters, the focus of the discussions was on Result 2 – The Transformative Business Model for creative microbusinesses and Result 3 – The Innovative Multilingual Online Tool currently underway. Specifically, on the development of the Transformative Business Model training programme so as to make it as attractive, practical and engaging for creative entrepreneurs, its transposition into a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) format, the preparation of a train-the-trainer activity to take place in Sweden and a pilot training with crafters in Bulgaria in the first part of 2023.

We also started discussing our next steps towards the preparation of an open digital catalogue of creative entrepreneurs from the partner countries, aimed at supporting the wider promotion of their offering and the forging of collaborations with others in the creative economy and crafts value chain. The final project activity, being the Online Acceleration procedure for entrepreneurs was also considered, although this will be further planned in next consortium meetings. Discussions about the dissemination activities already carried out and forthcoming, quality assurance, financial management and specific timeframes of the work ahead concluded the meeting.

The partners also enjoyed the beautiful World Heritage Site of Valletta, as well as traditional Maltese food at one of the oldest artisan bakeries in Malta. Nowadays, this grew into one of the most renown catering businesses in Malta, with a large chain of bakery and confectionary shops. Surely a very relevant example of craft business transformation and development.

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