FIX in Art is a cultural community on a quest to enhance and promote artistic expression and opportunities that protects education, inclusivity, anti-oppression, non-violence, wellbeing and peace, while cultivating a community committed to this lifestyle.

Operating since 2011 Anazitites Theatrou aka FIX in Art is a cultural non-profit, community led, creative hub, located in Thessaloniki’s landmark building, the old FIX brewery, providing a welcoming home for creative adventures and human connection.

Our goal is to enhance, support and promote artistic expression, to offer opportunities for learning and exchange ideas, to connect artists and culture professionals locally and internationally, and to create unique experiences for audiences.

Our mission is to support creatives, amateurs and visionaries and nurture cultural collaborations with local and international organisations, artists, universities and culture innovators. Its aim is to build bridges for mobility, support learning for people of all ages and backgrounds, and promote modern culture in a space that is open and accessible to everyone.
Its vision is to build an inclusive creative community rooted in Thessaloniki.




FIX in Art is mostly a self-funded sociο-cultural hub initiative, it is a vision, an idea, a place of culture, a shelter or even better a home for theatre, music, plastic arts, dance, movies, literature and every form of creative expression. But above all it’s a space where we still dream, we imagine and we create.

Our aim is to support creatives, amateurs, visionaries, nurture and culture collaborations, build bridges of mobility, support learning for people of all ages and backgrounds, promote modern culture and all of the above in a space that is open and accessible to all without prejudice, in a building which is considered one of the most important industrial monuments of Greece, the old FIX brewery.