MailArt 4Seniors

In the COVID19 pandemic: A creative MailArt training program for seniors to cope with loneliness and isolation

Project Code: 2021-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000030408


MailArt4Seniors aims to create an innovative educational package that will give seniors the tools they need to fight isolation and ensure their personal well-being, maintain their social life and enjoy a quality daily living in the COVID-19 era. 

The tools will be set out as effective support for adult education trainers to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate their training strategies in addressing the challenges seniors face in their daily life though the means of art.

Download here the IO1 results publication

A short description of the main results

  • Staff and associates of the partner organizations (social workers, educators, mentors, artists etc) will learn about the educational tools created within the project. Expected number:40
  • Seniors will participate in activities within the framework of the project or become aware of it through dissemination activities and events Expected number: 80
  • People and institutions including (art associations, social workers involved with the elderly, professionals working in elderly care homes, geriatric psychologists, geriatric nurses, artists offering workshops to elderly people, national authorities (relevant Ministries, Agencies, regional Offices, etc.), National and European organizations active in the field of adult and inclusive education and training and other stakeholders, etc will visit the project’s website which includes all the educational tools (O1,O2, O3) and become aware of the project.
Duration: 01/06/2021 – 31/05/2023 


  • Modus – design|craft – Finland
  • STANDOutEdu – Cyprus
  • IIAPHS – International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences – Italy
  • ΑNAZITITES THEATROU- FixinArt – Greece