MailArt 4 Seniors – LTTA in Madeira Island, Portugal


MailArt4Seniors is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the EU. (Project id:2021-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000030408), and focuses on creating a new innovative non-formal training program for adult trainers (social workers dealing with the elderly, professionals working in nursing homes, geriatric psychologists, geriatric nurses, artists offering workshops to the elderly) to help them cope with isolation and loneliness, ensure their personal well-being, maintain their social life and enjoy a quality everyday life during the pandemic through mailart activities. 

As part of the program, a meeting of the Organizations/Partners participating from each country was held in Madeira, Portugal (September 4-9, 2022). Through interactive practices and workshops, ways of training and teaching methods of learning techniques were presented, aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly. 

FIX In Art, in collaboration with the artistic director of the Photography Center of Thessaloniki, and pioneer of
MailArt in Greece, Vasilis Karkatselis, participated with a workshop where the art of mail (MailArt) was presented to 10 elderly participants from the Community Center for the Elderly “Casa São José” of the city of Câmara de Lobos of Madeira 4th-9th of September, 2022. 

The participants had the opportunity to learn, using simple materials (erasers, inks, paper, old magazines, newspapers, etc.) to create their personal stamps, and to prepare postcards using the collage technique.

The works will be exhibited at the next meeting of the MailArt4Seniors program, which is scheduled for October 4-8,

2022, and will take place in Thessaloniki at the venue of FIX In Art.

Ltta madeira Workshop

You can download from here the catalogue that includes the materials of a MAIL ART workshop held in September 2022 in Madeira, Portugal. 

Τhis catalog was created to complete the workshop with its postage to the participants as yet another piece of Mail art.

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