Storytelling, Ria Storyteller- Workshop

How it all started ?

 The art of Storytelling captivated my heart 20 years ago while I was studying shamanism and ancient philosophies, I was fascinated by the fact that for decades the main way to teach lessons, guide and tell the history was by stories.

Ria Storyteller

   During my studies I learned the art of Storytelling and started to work as a Storyteller, after few years I became a team manager of children’s storytelling class instructors, the work of guiding and training the instructors, encouraged me to develop simple methods that can teach everyone how to tell stories. From that point I started to do Storytelling workshops and courses for adults, teenagers and children

What do I teach ?

I teach techniques that help people deliver a story in a way that captivate the heart of their listeners.

-How to use our voice in a way that brings life and atmosphere to the story, changing our voice to express different characters in the story.

-How to use our body and hand movement to express different elements in the story.

-How to create the suitable drama for each story 

-How to choose a good story. The power that stories have on our minds telling a story by becoming the story


During this 8 hour workshop participants had the opportunity to learn and practice the basic techniques of narrating a story in an interactive and interesting way.

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