Human rights academy

"All persons should be treated equally,universally and forever."

Who We Are ?

Our Academy started to work with aiming to help people to understand the Human Rights and emphasize the basic logic which is ” ALL PERSONS SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY, UNIVERSALLY AND FOREVER”

What We Want To Achieve ?
Uphold the convention, respecting, promoting, and providing help to understand the rights and try to take an action.
What Are We Planning To Achieve In Future ?
Human Rights Academy will teach and multiply the methods of non-formal education through experiential learning methods by brainstorming and workshops.

Human Rights Academy Workshops

Workshops are our main activities. In these activities, we are brainstorming about migration and fleeing in general, realizing existing privileges and talking about the feelings via some theatrical actions or games.

– Three Things Activity

-Acting Workshop

-Survivor Workshop

– Schema Workshop